Who We Are & What We Do

Human beings have always been inspired by the beauty, strength, intelligence and family bonds of orca (killer whales). So why do we blatantly harm them by enslaving them in tanks for so called entertainment. Human curiosity has supported their captivity for too long. It must stop.
Orca Rescues Foundation provide the funds that are so badly needed to facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of these majestic animals, including preparational steps. In the long term, our vision is a situation in which specialists can constantly rely on the availability of the financial and administrative means to rescue orca from captivity.
Orca Rescues Foundation is run on a purely voluntary basis. We hope our website provides you with all the information you need to help support this cause. If however you wish to contact us directly to discuss a donation or to satisfy yourself of our sincerity then do use the contact details as displayed and we will do our very best to help you.


Clive Martin
Clive was director of The Biscay Dolphin Research Programme, which he co-founded into MARINElife. He is also working on issues concerning ship strike of blue whales off the Sri Lankan Read More
Jo-blaise Martin
A keen wildlife photographer and an adamant believer that Orca are meant to be swimming freely in the oceans, not going insane inside concrete tanks. Our aim is to see Read More
Lauren Horncastle
Lauren’s passion lies in conservation and education. She has a Bachelor Honors degree in Biology, focussing on marine biology, animal ethics and animal behavior. Lauren spends her spare time volunteering Read More
Lucie Armstrong
Since being introduced to the documentary Blackfish lastyear and having always been an avid animal lover and supporter, Lucie’s aim wasto help make a difference to the captivity situation. She Read More
Rebecca Belleni
Rebecca is an advocate and voice for captive Orca Worldwide.I want to help turn the tide on captivity through fundraising, informing andinspiring all ages to view Orca in the wild. Read More
Rebecca Boys
A marine biologist from Cornwall, Rebecca has recently finished a degree in Applied Marine Biology at Bangor University, where her final thesis was entitled ‘Fatal interactions between bottlenose dolphins and Read More