From Donations to Grants

Your donations allow us to offer grants to specialists and organisations!

1. Your Project

Describe the project, your specific tasks, and the anticipated expenses

2. Your Expertise

Describe your own expertise and experience, as well as that of your organisation and immediate collaborators in the project

3. Submit Application

Submit your application to Orca Rescues Foundation

4. Evaluation

Trustees evaluate your application and may involve expert reviewers

5. Decision

We inform you about our decision and advise you about further steps in case of approval.


Orca Rescues Foundation’s mission is to establish a global fund to facilitate the release and rehabilitation back to the wild or near-wild of orca in captivity and to give support to specialists, scientists and organisations working towards this goal.

Orca Rescues Foundation aims to support not only the actual rescue process, but also all preparational steps that are directly related, including expert assessments of an animal’s situation, identification of sea sanctuaries, public education of urgent relevance, or legal steps, to give just some examples.

Please direct any inquiries, as well as your completed and signed application form, to:

Orca Rescues Foundation <>