1. Introduction

Under the terms of the Orca Rescues Foundation Constitution trustees will consider and approve
grant applications at their discretion, and may consult with expert reviewers. Grants will be limited to
the amount of funds available.
The Orca Rescues Foundation Mission Statement makes it clear what our priorities are (clause 2).

Priorities change depending on circumstances and the Trustees will periodically review this Grant
Making Policy to ensure maximum benefit to available funds.
Orca Rescues Foundation will be pleased to work in partnership with others.

2. Orca Rescues Foundation Mission Statement

“Our mission is to establish a global fund to facilitate the release and rehabilitation back to the wild or
near-­‐wild of orca in captivity and to give support to specialists, scientists and organisations working to
achieve this.”
3. Rules

1. The applicants must take heed of our mission statement and to apply only if their work
involves the process of release and the rehabilitation of killer whales held in captivity.
2. Grants may be awarded to scientists, specialists, experts and organisations working in any
geographical area.

3. All applications will be considered whether or not previous applications have been made and
were successful or not.

4. Each application will be considered on its own merits, and degree of priority.

5. Orca Rescues Foundation requests that applicants are specific about the tasks they
undertake as opposed to those undertaken by organisations they are collaborating with.
(App Form Section 7)

6. Orca Rescues Foundation will not normally make grants to large charities, which have large
revenues. However this will not necessarily be the case and approach to the Trustees may be

7. Orca Rescues Foundation will not normally support applications from institutions that are
holding killer whale in captivity.

8. All applicants must ensure that any process using Orca Rescues Foundation funds is legal and
that all statutory obligations have been met.

9. The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the grant applicant should their
application be unsuccessful.

4. Grant Application Process

All applicants are asked to use the Orca Rescues Foundation application form.
( Prior to completion of such a form any applicant may speak informally to
Orca Rescues Foundation (email:

Requirements before awarding a grant must comply with the following:

1. Inform the Trustees of the project details and purpose and the method the grant will be used
and managed effectively for its intended purpose.

2. Inform the Trustees of the names of the project team and the team member responsible for
grant administration.

3. Inform the Trustees of the financial status of the person or organisation who is making this

4. The application form must be signed indicating compliance with the general terms and
conditions under which the grant is made. Acceptance of funds, made in good faith, indicates
that the applicant has accepted such terms and conditions conveyed to the recipient by
confirmation of the grant letter or document.

5. The applicant must indicate that they will have adequate insurance in relation to facilities,
equipment funded or part funded and that personnel involved/employed/volunteering for
the funded or part funded project are satisfactorily insured particularly against personal
injury and that no project will commence until proof of such indemnity is provided.

5. Monitoring and Assessment.

Without wishing to create extra workloads for grant recipients the Trustees of Orca Rescues
Foundation would like to be kept informed at reasonable intervals of the funded project progress. A
formal system of feedback and assessment may be required to ensure that the Charity’s funds are
being correctly administered to benefit everyone. The Trustees reserve the right to discontinue
funding at their sole discretion.

Monitoring visits by representatives of Orca Rescues Foundation may be expected prior to, during and
post the funded project. Mutually agreed appointments will be made.

At the completion of the project and within three months of its conclusion the grant recipient should
detail the results and inform Orca Rescues Foundation of the successes and failures so all may learn
from and benefit from the processes of the project.

6. Publication and news reports.

Orca Rescues Foundation ask that the funded project is disseminated far and wide utilising
publications and social media channels as possible and to always acknowledge the role of the Charity
in a positive way and to include the website address in all circumstances. The Trustees of Orca
Rescues Foundation will expect that an archive of all media involvement is passed to them during the
project or at least included with the final report.

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