Orca Rescues Fundraising Information

You have landed on this page for a reason. You want to make a difference. You want things to change. So do we.

Our Mission Statement

“ Our Mission is to establish a global fund to facilitate the release and rehabilitation back to the wild or Near-wild of Orca in captivity, and to give support to specialists, scientists and organisations working to achieve this”

Orca are meant to be swimming freely in the oceans, not going insane inside concrete tanks in places like SeaWorld. Some of them have shown such aggression and captive frustration that it’s resulted in the deaths of their trainers. We will support the specialists to return them to freedom.

Our Fund Raisers

Two of our trustees regularly run Marathons to raise money.

Jo-Blaise and Lucie pictured here at Brighton Marathon 2016

Alistair is our most diverse fundraiser, from scaling the UK’s tallest mountain dressed as an Orca to swimming the cold lakes of the Lake District he certainly deserves the great support that he gets for his unusual events