Lauren Horncastle

Lauren’s passion lies in conservation and education. She has a Bachelor Honors degree in Biology, focussing on marine biology, animal ethics and animal behavior. Lauren spends her spare time volunteering for a number of different organisations and charities, including Orca Rescues Foundation. She’s been a part of setting up a citizen science project in Sri Lanka, has travelled across the multiple seas for research and surveying and travelled to Iceland, Spain, France, Canada, USA and Scotland to observe cetaceans in the wild.

Lauren continues to enhance her knowledge and skills in marine science through training and related courses such as marine survey techniques, photo ID and passive acoustic monitoring. Attending and presenting at events, Lauren communicates interesting topics to the public such as the difference between species in order to help educate, interest and inspire others to want to see these amazing creatures in the wild, as well as to help protect species of these animals around the world.